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Associate Professor Benoit Mayer Attended International Seminar concerning Security and Environment in Paris
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8th  June, our newly-aboard  French  teacher Benoit Mayer of International Law Institute attended the international seminar concerning security and environment held by  Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales  in Paris. Dr. Benoit Mayer gave a keynote speech ofthe  implications of the securitization of climate change  in the environmental securitydiscussion  group.

Climate change has been the constant focus of international security  institutions. To date,  the UN  Security Council  alone has  held three seminars on climate change and international peace and security. The miscellaneous adverse effects of climate change could aggravate social tension and violence, the Darfur  conflict  brought by drought being a living example. By using the interdependency theory, Professor Benoit Mayer believes to cope with the  influence  of climate change on international security, the common environment challenge calls for long-term international cooperation. Memoir of the international seminar shall be published in 2016 by Brulant Press.